CPPM Manifestal'24: MUNDANE.MAGIC. Katia Skylar

Katia Skylar, a versatile artist adorned with the titles of actress, performance artist, and butoh dancer, finds her creative essence in the fluidity of movement and the resonance of words in human and non-human languages. With a penchant for interdisciplinary collaborations, Katia weaves tales that blur the boundaries between genres, embracing the nuanced cadence of physical theatre, dance, and dramatic combat. In her world, the body becomes a canvas, each gesture a brushstroke painting stories of resilience, rebellion, and remembrance.

This is all that is accessible now – lines of words created by a non-human reflecting from an input. How true is it? Anyway, can we do without numbers, without manifesting degrees, without questions? Can we just meet with no expectations created by categories, in the unknown?


3.06 7pm

4.06 7pm

7.06  3am (jah, see on öösel!) 

Salakoht, mille koordinaadid avalikustatakse osavõtjatele vahetult enne toimumisaega.

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