Terms of Use of www.sviby.com

Sviby is an event ticket sales platform. The service provider for Sviby is:
Sviby OÜ
Address: Fortuuna 35, Tartu, 50603 Estonia
Registry code: 14497487
VAT number: EE102104082
Phone: +372 6 700 010
Email: hello@sviby.com 
Website: www.sviby.com 

  1. TERMS
    In the terms of use of Sviby website, the following terms and abbreviations are used:
    1. Terms of Use - the present terms of use of the website www.sviby.com along with the Organizer's sales terms
    2. Sviby - the website at www.sviby.com, which facilitates the conclusion of sales contracts between the Organizer and the Client, and the Sviby mobile application.
    3. Client - user of the website and/or services of Sviby. A legally capable adult natural person or a representative of a legal entity or a person with specific authorizations provided for by law, who has the legal right and capacity to be bound by the rights and obligations of this agreement.
    4. Actions - the use of Sviby by the Client in any way.
    5. Organizer - organizer of events such as theater, sports, cultural, music events, etc., whose desire leads to the mediation of ticket sales on the www.sviby.com website by Sviby OÜ, and whose events can be viewed and/or tickets purchased through Sviby.
    6. Event - a concert, performance, fair, conference, sports competition, exhibition, contest, seminar, training, or any other event organized by the Organizer, for which a Ticket must be obtained for attendance.
    7. Ticket - an original document or electronic ticket issued by Sviby to the Client after payment, which grants the holder access to the Event.
    8. Ticket sales agreement - an agreement between the Organizer and the buyer mediated by Sviby. The Organizer is solely responsible for the fulfillment of the ticket sales agreement, not Sviby. The contract is considered concluded upon receipt of the ticket fee into the Sviby account.
    9. Transmission of event information - Sviby forwards event-related information to the Client for the purpose of fulfilling the contract, before, during, or after the Event.
    1. These terms of use apply when purchasing Tickets from Sviby.
    2. It is possible to purchase tickets for Events from Sviby.
    3. The ticket information for Events is entered into Sviby by the Organizer.
    4. Sviby sells tickets on behalf of the Event organizer. Sviby is not itself an organizer of any Event, nor is it responsible for the organization, conduct, quality, advertisements, fulfillment of promises made by the Organizer, or any other aspects related to the Event. Sviby is engaged in the technical mediation of ticket sales and fulfills orders related to it on behalf of the Organizer.
    5. To purchase a Ticket, the Client must select the appropriate Event, ticket types, and quantities.
    6. When purchasing a Ticket, the Client must enter the necessary personal data, which may vary depending on the nature of each Event.
    7. Sviby sends the purchased Tickets to the Client in digital PDF format immediately after the purchase to the email provided by the Client.
    8. Information about the Tickets is provided directly in the Sviby environment alongside the Tickets.
    9. The Client has the option to register an account, which allows the Client to view their purchase history (associated with the email address provided during purchase and registration) and past and future Events by logging into the website or using the mobile application. The Client can also conveniently present Tickets to the Organizer at the venue of the Event by logging into the Sviby website or using the Sviby mobile application. Tickets can also be purchased for the Event without creating an account.
    1. Sviby has the right to refuse the Client's purchases and other actions if the Client has not complied with the terms of use of www.sviby.com or has not paid for the purchase.
    2. Sviby has the right and obligation to transmit or have the Organizer transmit event-related information to the Client (e.g., security, parking, organizational announcements, and other important notices to the Event attendees) in a timely and sufficient manner, including discount codes for future Events or other bonuses specified by the Organizer.
    1. The Client has the right to make purchases and perform other actions on Sviby while adhering to these terms of use.
    2. The Client is obliged to:
      1. ensure the accuracy of all information provided to Sviby.
      2. comply properly with all terms of use of Sviby.
      3. confirm that they are at least 18 years old and legally capable when making transactions. The person using an account or credit card for payment is responsible for the consequences of purchases made by a person who does not meet the requirements.
      4. immediately inform Sviby of any technical or other problems encountered while using the website.
      5. not modify, copy, transmit, sell, reproduce, or otherwise use, disturb, or obstruct the functioning of the www.sviby.com website or the Sviby mobile application and not share their login credentials with other individuals. In case of suspicion regarding prohibited activities, Sviby has the right to restrict the Client's access and prohibit the use of Sviby.
      6. independently verify and adhere to the conditions set by the Organizer. Failure to comply with the Organizer's conditions may result in consequences such as order cancellation, incurring unforeseen additional costs, denial of entry to the Event with prohibited items, etc.
    1. Sviby cannot address claims regarding Event organization or conditions related to the organization.
    2. If the Event is canceled, the time or location is changed, Sviby is not obliged to repurchase or compensate Tickets. The responsibility for repurchasing or reimbursing Tickets lies solely with the Organizer.
    3. According to the Law of Obligations Act, the Client is not allowed to withdraw from contracts concluded through Sviby, as the contract involves the provision of a service by a certain deadline or within a certain period, or the conclusion of the contract entails the reservation of certain resources, for which it is difficult to find a new user upon withdrawal. The Client and the consumer must be aware that there is no right to cancel or refund Tickets within 14 days for any reason when purchasing Tickets.
    4. Sviby is not liable for the loss, disappearance, damage, etc., of Tickets.
    5. Sviby is not responsible for the legality, completeness, etc., of the information provided by the Organizer.
    1. Tickets are reserved for purchase based on the chronological sequence of the users who made reservations. Sviby does not guarantee the availability of tickets.
    2. When purchasing a Ticket at a discounted price, Sviby does not verify the Client's eligibility; this is checked on-site by the Organizer, who has the right to refuse entry if the right to use the discounted price of the purchased Ticket is lacking or cannot be proven.
    3. Full payment is required when purchasing a Ticket through Sviby. By making the payment, the Client confirms that they have read and accepted all terms made available by Sviby and the Organizer through Sviby.
    4. The prices of Tickets available in Sviby are indicated alongside the Tickets. The selling price includes the cost of the Ticket and transaction fee and may also include other venue service fees depending on the venue of the Event.
    5. In the event of Ticket repurchase, Sviby refunds the Ticket price and venue service fees to the Client's bank account associated with the transaction within 14 days from the publication of relevant notice, provided that the Organizer has transferred the money to Sviby for this purpose. The transaction fee is not refunded in case of repurchase. The Organizer or Sviby may specify a maximum time for Ticket repurchase.
    6. Payments for Tickets can be made using bank links from SEB, Swedbank, LHV, Luminor, and Coop banks.
    1. Privacy terms, as specified separately, are available on www.sviby.com and regulate the management of the Client's data by Sviby OÜ (registry code 14497487, address Fortuuna 35, Tartu, 50603). Data is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
    2. The Client is responsible for ensuring that the data provided by them is accurate, correct, and complete. Intentional provision of false information is considered a violation of privacy terms. The Client is obliged to immediately inform Sviby of any changes to the provided data.
    3. Sviby and the Organizer are not liable for any damages caused to the Client or third parties due to the provision of false information by the Client.
    1. The terms become effective when the Client clicks on the "checkbox" indicating agreement.
    2. Sviby has the right to unilaterally amend the terms of use by publishing the latest version. The terms valid at any specific time apply to the Client.
    3. The legal relations between the Client and Sviby are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia. Sviby has no financial liability towards the Client; however, if the court finds liability, it is limited to the price of the Ticket.
    4. If any provision in the terms of use is contrary to the law, the remaining provisions shall apply in full.
    5. Disputes shall be resolved in Tartu County Court. The Client also has the option to contact the Consumer Disputes Committee at www.komisjon.ee.
    6. The terms are valid from 05.04.2023.