Andreas Schaerer / Kalle Kalima / Björn Meyer „Evolution“ (Šveits-Soome-Rootsi) • Jazzkaar 2024

Fri 26.04.2024 at 20:00
 (Telliskivi tänav 60a, Tallinn)

Last spring an album called Evolution was released under the prestigious record label ACT. Blending elements from progressive rock, blues and jazz, it features Swiss vocalist Andreas Schaerer and Finnish guitarist Kalle Kalima, with guest appearances by American star bassist Tim Lefebvre. Schaerer and Kalima, who have shared the stage for over a decade and have also performed with their bands at Jazzkaar, take a creative turn on the new album, moving from contemporary jazz and electronica to blues-like ballads. For the Jazzkaar concert the two musicians will be joined by Swedish bass virtuoso and composer Björn Meyer.


Evolution is a studio album consisting of 11 compositions. One of its sources of inspiration was indeed Tim Lefebvre, who has played with jazz and pop stars such as David Bowie, Sting, Elvis Costello, Mark Guiliana and Wayne Krantz. Schaerer recalls: “We played with Tim for the first time at ACT record label’s anniversary concert. The chemistry was so good that we kept in touch. When I introduced the idea of ​​making an album together, he didn’t hesitate for a moment.”


Progradar describes Evolution as follows: “To be honest, I don’t know if you can call this ‘Jazz’ in the true sense of the word; with ‘Evolution’ Andreas Schaerer and Kalle Kalima have ripped up the rule book and rewritten what a jazz album can really be. What I can say about it is that is is a truly incredible collection of highly personal and intimate songs that will resonate with anyone who takes the time to explore this fascinating musical journey.”


We thank: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia



Andreas Schaerer – vocals

Kalle Kalima – guitar

Björn Mayer – bass guitar   


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