Kitty Florentine @ Suvila 20.07

N 20.07.2023 kell 20:00
 (Peetri 6, Tallinn)

Kitty Florentine x HALL x Suvila


On the 20th of July, Kitty Florentine invites you to join us for one charming evening, to a mid-summer ritual at HALL's outdoor space - Suvila. This will be an enchanting fairytale in the form of a moving concert. Every song has it’s own space and environment. Come along for the journey! The breath-taking performance will start with a special introduction by Kitty, warming you up for what’s to come. With new songs and special guests making an appreance, this is sure to be a one of a kind evening, accompanied by talented dj’s to dance with you into the night. There will also be special potion (a signature cocktail) created exclusively for this event. Come and experience the magic with us!


20:00 Doors

20:30 Kitty’s Introduction

21:00 Kitty Florentine LIVE

22:00 CT Venom b2b micaxsan


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