Drink&Draw • MOMU aiafestival

R 18.08.2023 kell 16:00
 (Tööstuse 3, Turba)

Get ready for 2 ,5 hours of blissfull drawing with our beautiful model in a new beautiful location!

The museum opens at 10:00 and has a wonderfull garden and indoor museum with vintage cars and motersport props. If you buy a ticket for this session you are welcome to stay all day in the museum and draw.

At 16:00 we'll set up outside and draw our our gorgeous model in suitable clothing on some vintage cars! If the weathergods are not pleased, we can move inside the museum.

To end the day we will have a concert at 19:00 by Lonitseera for us to enjoy.

All skill levels are welcome! This is not an art-class, there is no instructor, but a fun and friendly opportunity for you to draw, with your fellow friends and artists. After the drawing session and during the break we encourage you to to share your works with the group!

We recommend you to bring your own art materials, but we will bring some sketch materials, papers and drawing boards for you to use as well. Ticket include one TANKER drink.

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