Improteater IMPEERIUM:

IMPROV COMEDY IN ENGLISH • Kujutluse võim ehk koomiliste sketšide õhtu

K 08.05.2024 kell 19:00
 (Ankru 10, Tallinn)

Impro Theatre IMPEERIUM:

IMPROV COMEDY IN ENGLISH  “The Power of Imagination: An Evening of Comedic Sketches”

📍MAY 8, at 19:00, Improteater IMPEERIUM (Põhjala tehas, Ankru 10, Tallinn)

🎭 On stage actors Rauno Kaibiainen, Kati Ong, Mairi Tikerpalu, musician Ragnar Toompuu and lightning by Mario Saarik

When was the last time you truly laughed from the bottom of your heart? 

“The Power of Imagination: An Evening of Comedic Sketches” is a performance filled with short-form improv games – brief, improvised sketches where actors find themselves in unexpected situations. You'll witness captivating scenes created on the spot, humorous characters, hit songs, and more, all unfolding live. Each audience member can influence the direction of the show if they wish. The magic of improv lies in its unpredictability, offering a delightfully witty experience! Perfect for those new to improv as well.

The show is in English! 


✨ Improvisational theater, universally beloved across the globe, is a performance art where everything unfolds before the audience's eyes. The show is improvised, meaning that nothing is pre-scripted or pre-conceived—dialogue, storylines, and characters emerge spontaneously. Actors draw inspiration from keywords suggested by the audience, leading to the creation of thrilling scenes, humorous sketches, engaging songs, and witty characters.

Members of the Impro Theatre IMPEERIUM are professional actors affiliated not only with IMPEERIUM but also with drama troupes of other Estonian theaters or working as freelancers in various theater, television, and film projects. In addition to actors, IMPEERIUM boasts talented musicians and exceptional lighting artists. The troupe includes actors Merilin Kirbits, Tarvo Krall, Maarika Mesipuu-Veebel, Mairi Tikerpalu, Erki Aule, Maarius Pärn, Rauno Kaibiainen, Kati Ong, musicians Ragnar Toompuu and Madis Kreevan, and lighting master Mario Saarik.

The Latin word 'imperium' signifies power. Our ambition is to conquer the hearts of all Estonians and create another land brimming with the joy of improv on the world map—a place where people value cooperation and creativity and where the power of imagination reigns supreme!




🎟️ Tickets are available from Piletikeskus and, subject to availability, can be purchased on-site before the performance starts.

Pre-sale: Full price 20€, discounted 18€
At the venue: Full price 24€, discounted 22€

Impro Theatre IMPEERIUM – the power of imagination!
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