CPPM Manifestal'24: BURNOUT – A GESTURE. Rasmus Jensen

Rasmus Stenager Jensen is a performance artist from Denmark, currently based in Tallinn, Estonia. His artistic practice explores sensitivities towards that which lie outside of human perception and control.

He graduated his BA in Acting from the Norwegian Theatre Academy in 2018, where he trained and worked with artists such as Laurent Chétouane, Phillip Zarrilli, Robert Johanson (Nature Theater of Oklahoma) and Bianca Casady (CocoRosie).

From 2012-2014 he worked in Barcelona with the international theatre company Teatro de Los Sentidos, led by Enrique Vargas, with whom he performed in the performances Oráculos and Weaving Gothenburg, while obtaining his post-graduate in sensorial language and the poetics of game.

Between 2018-2022 he co-created a trilogy of performances evolving around intimate poetic meetings in and with the public urban sphere together with the theatre company Luna Park Scenekunst in Denmark.

He is the co-author and the performer of the choreography PASSAGES, which was presented at the Prague Quadrennial for Performance Design and Space (2019).

He has been co-curating the residency programme KORDON LAB on Food and Energy (2023-2024) in Hiiumaa, Estonia.

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30.05.2024 at 18:00
31.05.2024 at 18:00

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