Priit Pedajas / Jaak Johanson Stage • Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2024

Fri 26.07.2024 kell 20:30-21:45
 (August Maramaa puiestee 1A, Viljandi)

Priit Pedajas will perform at the 31st Viljandi Folk Music Festival on Jaak Johanson Stage!

There are a limited number of single tickets available for the indoor concerts at the Jaak Johanson Stage.

NB! Festival pass, youngster's pass, senior pass, day pass of 2024 Viljandi Folk Music Festival grant the access to all indoor concerts on the first come, first served basis. 


Priit Pedajas says: “I have always preferred minor scale over major. I don’t know, I guess the times were like that, everything seemed to be enshrouded in dark light. I remember one poet of that time, whose texts I have used, said that you can’t write, if there’s no pain. I very much agree with that statement and have felt it myself: without pain, you can't write songs. But that's not something people really want to talk about.

All the songs are born out of texts that have deeply touched me or spoken to me. As for the authors whose texts I have set to music, in the seventies, people just read a lot of poetry – at first it was casual reading, but in drama school, it became a duty. Among my friends and like-minded people, there was a strong opposition to what was broadcast on the radio. It wasn’t even ideological, but mainly against the empty estrada. Although, the situation today isn’t much better. Back then, this opposition was particularly clear, and it made folk music even more appealing. The folk music of that time was somewhat different from today’s, which is largely associated with events like the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, where traditional music is prominent. Back then, lyrics were more important.”

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