Leana.island & Kulno Malva / Jaak Johanson Stage • Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2024

Fri 26.07.2024 kell 23:00-0:15
 (August Maramaa puiestee 1A, Viljandi)

Leana.island & Kulno Malva will perform at the 31st Viljandi Folk Music Festival on Jaak Johanson Stage!

There are a limited number of single tickets available for the indoor concerts at the Jaak Johanson Stage.

NB! Festival pass, youngster's pass, senior pass, day pass of 2024 Viljandi Folk Music Festival grant the access to all indoor concerts on the first come, first served basis. 


Leana.Island (voice) and Kulno Malva (accordion, loops) are two Estonian musicians. Kulno is known from his solo career, but also for playing in bands like Riffarrica, Svjata Vatra, Lepaseree etc. Leana has been singing and making songs in duo with Belgian diatonic accordionist Hartwin Dhoore and in an internationally toured indie-folk band Estbel. Leana and Kulno have been admiring each other's work from the distance for several years till their otherwise seemingly parallel running paths crossed – in 2020 Kulno was recording his 3rd solo album and invited Leana to sing on it, that was the beginning of their collaboration. Now 3 years later, Leana and Kulno are playing together in a duo as an established act. In autumn 2023 they recorded their first album which will be released in spring/summer 2024. The new album will be a mix of Kulno's soulful accordion and Leana's dreamy songs. Also quite a few traditional songs have found their way to the new album. The album “ööLooD” ( “The Nighttales”) was recorded and produced by a Belgian producer Jeroen Geerinck from Studio Trad.

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