Stuudiokontsert: Rita Ray duo • Jazzkaar 2024

Sun 28.04.2024 at 13:00
 (Telliskivi 60a/5, Tallinn)

The crown jewel of Estonian soul music, Rita Ray, emerged in late 2019 with her album Old Love Will Rust. Hailing from Põlva, the singer-songwriter experienced both local and international success with her debut of original work. Her album launch concert drew an audience of 200 at the time. Rita Ray presented elevated her presence with her second album, A Life of Its Own (2022), presenting it alongside an orchestra to 2,000 people at Estonia’s largest concert hall.

In addition to her powerful voice and refined sensibility, Rita Ray’s determination to establish herself as a world-class artist has propelled her meteoric rise. She stands out as one of the few artists who delivers powerful performances not only in the studio but also live on stage. Rita Ray typically performs with a five-member ensemble. Nevertheless, her music also sounds authentically in a duet setting, and gains a new dimension when played together with an expanded lineup or orchestra.


Selektor Studio

Situated at the heart of Telliskivi, Selektor Studio is where award-winning producers and project managers work. They handle everything from recording large bands to syncing existing tracks from the Selektor catalogue, crafting unique music for your upcoming audio-visual project. The studio was founded in partnership with Estonian Funk Embassy.

Selektor Studio was established in 2021 when artists from Funk Embassy sought a new home. Telliskivi Creative City provided a solution by offering suitable spaces at the heart of the creative hub. Significant efforts were made to revamp the former railway factory workers’ washroom, but the outcome speaks volumes. What was once a dilapidated building, occupied by bands for about a decade, has transformed into one of the cosiest recording studios in Estonia.


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