Tobias Preisig (Šveits) • Jazzkaar 2024

Tue 23.04.2024 at 19:00
 (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu)

Swiss violinist and sound wizard Tobias Preisig’s creation lies in the intersection of electronic, experimental and ambient music. His music is cinematic, exploratory, contemplative and always in motion, thriving outside the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. Preisig’s solo album Closer, released in early 2023, is like a meditative journey amidst an extensive springtime thaw, evoking shades of the more ambient pieces of the chart-topping French band Air. The production is meticulously precise, compositions expertly crafted, and the overall sound is highly visual and tasteful. Tobias’ emotionally charged music is not intrusive, but it is indeed captivating. His music has a minor-key effect, yet it brims with vitality, hope and new beginnings. It is like the annual rebirth of nature, with snow melting, buds blooming, the sun sparkling ... and warmer days awaiting!


In addition to his solo career, Tobias Preisig is a successful film music composer and one half of the beloved electronica duo Egopusher. He is also involved in projects such as Levitation with organist Stefan Rusconi, where church organ meets electronics, exploring the vibrant world of drone and noise music. Tobias Preisig has performed at prestigious jazz festivals across Europe and Asia, and his music has been enjoyed by audiences at festivals like the Montreux Jazz Festival, London Jazz Festival, Mama Paris, Reeperbahn Hamburg, Jarasmus Jazz South Korea, Tokyo Jazz Japan and others. Preisig collaborates with contemporary artists such as saxophonist Colin Stetson and The Cinematic Orchestra among others.




Tobias Preisig – violin, Mellotron and electronics 

Täname: Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia


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