Eva Eensaar and Krista Citra Joonas / Jaak Johanson Stage • Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2024

Sat 27.07.2024 kell 18:00-19:15
 (August Maramaa puiestee 1A, Viljandi)

Eva Eensaar and Krista Citra Joonas will perform at the 31st Viljandi Folk Music Festival on Jaak Johanson Stage!

There are a limited number of single tickets available for the indoor concerts at the Jaak Johanson Stage.

NB! Festival pass, youngster's pass, senior pass, day pass of 2024 Viljandi Folk Music Festival grant the access to all indoor concerts on the first come, first served basis. 


With the concert "Maailma äär" (“Edge of the World”), we present Eva Eensaar's album of the same name in Viljandi for the first time. We dangle our feet at the edge of the world, sing and play. We weave together the threads of different times, places, landscapes, the worlds beneath them and our own longing for playing and singing to create patterns and bring them to this moment in time. The songs and stories come from many corners of the world. For the joy of both you and us.

Eva Eensaar - vocals
Krista Citra Joonas - bansuri

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20.90 €