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DAY PASS SUNDAY • Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2024

Sun 28.07.2024 at 11:00

Day passes are meant for folk music fans who want to enjoy as many concerts as possible, but can only attend the festival for a single day. Just like the festival pass, the day pass is exchanged for a wristband and grants you access to all the outdoor concerts and indoor concerts at St John’s church and the Traditional Music Center if there’s room and on a first come, first served basis.

NB! Youngsters aged 13–26 who are students can buy youngster’s day passes. Bring a proof of age and student status with you.

The number of day passes of each price is limited.

  • 1st price - 30 € - price is valid until May 12th or the limited amount of cheaper passes are sold out 
  • 2nd price - 35 € -  price is valid until June 30th or the limited amount of cheaper passes are sold out
  • 3rd price - 45 € - price on the festival month and during the festival
  • youngster's Sunday's pass - 25 €
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25.90 € - 40.90 €