Huumoriklubi English Comedy Night with special guest Sam Tallent (USA) TARTU

R 03.11.2023 kell 19:00
 (Magasini 5, Tartu)
Huumoriklubi welcomes our special guest for november, Sam Tallent(USA) for two shows only!
Sam has done standup comedy for Comedy Central, Don't Tell and is a regular at the now-mecca of standup comedy, The Comedy Mothership in Austin Texas.
Written for Vice, toured with Tim Dillon and has been a regular guest on some of the biggest podcasts in the world including The Joe Rogan Experience , Kill Tony, The Tim Dillon Show, Matt McCusker and Shane Gillis's Secret Podcast, WTF with Marc Maron and also hosts his own podcast The Chubby Behemoth
His acclaimed debut novel, Running the Light, heralded as the definitive book on standup comedy, is soon to be a major motion picture
Doug Stanhope: “the best fictional representation of comedy in any medium ever"
Marc Maron: “a beautiful rendering of a dark reality”

Also on the show Ari Matti Mustonen(winner of the prestigious Seattle International Comedy Competition) and other Estonian comedy legends!

Show starts: 19:00, doors at 18:30

Don't Tell Comedy set:  "Aspirationally fat"

Sam trying "mad honey" with Joe Rogan

Guest on Kill Tony:

Are You Garbage:
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Event starts at 19:00. 

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Event starts at 19:00.