Terms of Use of PILETIKESKUS

PILETIKESKUS is the sales environment of event passes or tickets. The provider of the PILETIKESKUS service is the company Sviby OÜ (registry code 14497487) established in the Republic of Estonia.

Contact details:
Sviby OÜ
Address: Fortuuna 35, Tartu, 50603 Estonia
Registry code: 14497487
VAT No: EE102104082
Phone: +372 6 700 010
E-mail: tere@piletikeskus.ee
Website: www.piletikeskus.ee

  1. DEFINITIONS Terms and abbreviations in the Terms of Use of the PILETIKESKUS website are used for the following purposes:
    1. Terms of Use – the terms of use of the website along with the sales conditions of the Service Provider.
    2. PILETIKESKUS – website at www.piletikeskus.ee.
    3. Client – user of the services offered on the website and/or PILETIKESKUS.
    4. Activity – use of the Website by the Client.
    5. Organizer – Event organizer. A third person that organizes events which can be viewed and/or bought tickets for on the Website or via the Website.
    6. Event – a concert, show, trade fair, conference, sports event, exhibition, competition, seminar, training course or another event organized by the Organizer and which needs a Ticket to be attended.
    7. Ticket – an original document or an electronic ticket issued by PILETIKESKUS which grants the person representing the ticket entry to the Event.
    1. Terms of Use are valid upon purchasing Tickets on the PILETIKESKUS website.
    2. On the PILETIKESKUS website, you can buy passes or Tickets to Events.
    3. The Organizer enters ticket information of events on the PILETIKESKUS website.
    4. PILETIKESKUS sells tickets in the name of the Event organizer. PILETIKESKUS itself is not the organizer of any event and does therefore not accept any liability for the organization, taking place, quality, advertisements of the Event or promises made by the Organizer.
    5. In order to purchase a Ticket, the Client must choose a suitable Event, ticket types, and quantities.
    6. When purchasing a Ticket, the Client must enter all the required personal details which may differ depending on the nature of the Event.
    7. PILETIKESKUS will send the purchased Tickets to the Client in digital PDF format on the e-mail address the Client has entered immediately after the purchase has been completed.
    8. Information about the Tickets is presented next to the Tickets in the PILETIKESKUS environment.
    1. The PILETIKESKUS website has the right to refuse to complete the purchases and other activities of the Client if the Client has not met the Terms of Use of the PILETIKESKUS.EE website or has not paid for their order.
    2. The PILETIKESKUS website has the right to use the Client’s personal details in compliance with the Privacy Policy of PILETIKESKUS.
    1. The Client has the right to make purchases and other activities on the PILETIKESKUS website in compliance with the Terms of Use of the website.
    2. The Client is obligated to:
      1. Ensure the correctness of all information he or she submits on the PILETIKESKUS website.
      2. Appropriately fulfil all Terms of Use of the PILETIKESKUS website.
      3. Confirm being a person with active legal capacity and at least 18 years of age. If an ineligible person has made purchases, the person whose bank account or credit card has been used to pay for the order shall be liable for the consequences.
      4. Immediately notify the PILETIKESKUS website of any technical or other issues that have occurred during its use.
      5. Not to change, copy, forward, sell, reproduce or use in another prohibited way the e-store or its contents.
      6. Individually check and fulfil the conditions established by the Organizer. In case of not fulfilling the Organizer’s conditions, it may result in cancellation of the order, incurring unexpected additional expenses, etc.
    1. The PILETIKESKUS website cannot process complaints regarding the organization of or issues related to the organization of the Event.
    2. In case the Event is cancelled, the time or place is changed, PILETIKESKUS is not obligated to repurchase or compensate for the Tickets. The Organizer is responsible for repurchasing and compensating for Tickets.
    3. Pursuant to the Law of Obligations Act, the client and consumer does not have the right to withdraw from the concluded contracts, since the contract determines a specific date or term for the provision of the service or conclusion of the contract involves booking certain equipment and finding a new user for the equipment is difficult in case of withdrawal. The client and consumer must be aware that upon purchasing tickets, there is no right to cancel and/or return the goods without justification and free of charge within 14 days.
    1. When a Client purchases a Ticket via the PILETIKESKUS website, paying the full price is required. By paying the price, the Client confirms having read and accepted all the terms made available by PILETIKESKUS and the Organizer via the Website.
    2. Prices of Tickets sold on the PILETIKESKUS website are presented next to the Tickets. The prices are presented without VAT and including VAT. A PILETIKESKUS service fee is added to the price according to the ticket price.
    3. Tickets can be purchased via the bank links of SEB, Swedbank, LHV, Luminor and Coop banks and using the Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
    1. The Privacy Policy regulates the administration of Client data on the PILETIKESKUS website. The data are processed by Sviby OÜ (registry code 14497487, registered office: Fortuuna 35, Tartu, 50603, hereinafter the PILETIKESKUS). Data are processed in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
    2. The processed personal data are data which are submitted upon entering details when purchasing a Ticket. Such data include, among others, the Client’s name, e-mail address, phone number and other details required to make a payment.
    3. By entering data in the PILETIKESKUS environment, the Client consents to forwarding his or her details to third persons in relation to performing the contract concluded between the Organizer and PILETIKESKUS.
    1. The PILETIKESKUS website has the right to change the Terms of Use of the environment unilaterally, disclosing its latest version on the PILETIKESKUS website.
    2. Legal acts of the Republic of Estonia are applied to the legal relationship between the Client and the PILETIKESKUS website.
    3. Court actions are resolved at Tartu County Court. The Client may also consult the Consumer Disputes Committee.

Terms of Use are valid as of 15 October 2018